Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Happy Face tee’s stand for?

The Happy Face t-shirt images represent all Community Local t-shirt designs and will often be used to offer a heads-up regarding upcoming designs that will soon debut.


Why are all the t-shirts gray and blue?

Good question! We figured that there are a lot of lines of t-shirts that offer a variety of color, and that’s a great thing! We wanted to keep things simple yet versatile; in that way the contrasting color scheme reinforces the themes that define our brand

Also, sometimes it’s nice to have a place where choices are easy.

That said, we do have plans to offer a bit more color down the road, but done so very intentionally. Stay tuned!


Is this the company I’ve seen advertised around town on that little silver car?



Do you offer sales?

No, but we do offer coupons which you may see on our car advertisement, at one of our Pop-Up Shop Events or just by asking for a CAREPON code! At pop-up shop events you will also have the chance to purchase any excess products and save the shipping and handling fee. We may even have a few pre-owned Community Local tees offered at discounted rates (alongside a few examples of thoroughly curated apparel and accessories discovered at local thrift shops). Any products that remain un-purchased become candidates for in-house re-purposing. You’ll see the tee’s again, at some point, but in another form.


Are these t-shirts really made from plastic?

Yes! Check out Allmade’s page briefly explaining how the fabric and t-shirts are produced!


Can I get a refund if I don’t like my shirt?

Yes, you may return a Community Local shirt at anytime. We offer full refunds, via the payment method originally tendered, for items returned with 30 days of receipt. Items must be in the same great condition in which it was received in order to receive a full refund. And it will either be sold at our pop-up shop as a pre-owned tee or re-purposed into another product to be offered at a later date.

If a product is not in acceptable resale value or is returned after the 30-day grace period, we will still welcome your return and offer a small amount of store credit, dependent on the condition of the item. We encourage you to either donate it to a local thrift store or send it back to us.


How do I find your next Pop-Up Shop event?

We’ll be setting up at different events around town and will try to keep our contact page updated with upcoming dates and locations. If you’d like to be notified about upcoming Community Local Pop-Up Shop events, email us!

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