Our Story

Quoleshna Elbert (Founder)

I knew that if I were to do a fashion line of any kind, I wanted it to be one that made a statement about producers’ need for accountability…

…This is particularly true for the fashion and textile industry, being producers and distributors of the second largest pollutant in the world. And I wanted the brand to pack a lot of punch; so I tasked it to also directly contribute to relevant,  immediate, long-term betterment of humans’ everyday lives–and I knew that we’re (the U.S.) privileged to have access to organizations that might help us accomplish both.

The fact that I’m not a guru at sustainability is a big part of this brand (you’ll still see me at a fast food joint on occasion or grabbing a water bottle because it’s what’s offered at this or that particular outing). “Convenience” beckons us all; so this brand recognizes our existing habits in order to introduce game-changing principles. In this way, the choices are simplified.

Community Local prints its designs on Allmade t-shirts made up of 6 recycled plastic bottles (constituting 50% of each shirt’s content)! The remaining 50% is composed of organic cotton and modal–both eco-conscious choices. Additionally, when you buy a tee, you are also supporting people in Haiti who made your tee–at living wages–thanks to a local social entrepreneurship, www.GoEx.org.

Another expression of Community Local principles is found in our accessories section: where we meticulously select accessories found at local thrift stores. It’s amazing what you can find!  There’s a lot we hope to accomplish as we endeavor to embody a circular system; our most crucial accomplishment will be that of developing the ability to reuse or repurpose any & all of our excess product.

We try to work with local businesses as much as we possibly can. At the same time, we have a heart for impacting nations who are not as fortunate as our own.

The brand is definitely community-minded, valuing interdependence over independence; individuality over self-centeredness; responsibility over “doing me”; and doing so with every ounce of humor and creativity we can muster. It’s definitely counter-intuitive to my own tendencies; which is how I know it must be the Lord’s doing.

I’m not sure what He wants this brand to grow into–but I’m trusting that there’s a plan; it’s that trust that’s gotten me this far!

The truth is, we’re all “producers.”

We all have an output that we distribute to the world around us (however intangible it may be). Community Local embodies an inspiration to venture beyond the moment and beyond ourselves so that we might have the nerve to step back, think ahead and–with bigger purpose–

Make every stylish step count.

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